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HR Manager & Senior Analyst di PT. Freeport Indonesia

Lowongan Kerja HR Manager & Senior Analyst di PT. Freeport Indonesia

Lowongan Kerja HR Manager & Senior Analyst di PT. Freeport Indonesia

1. Manager, HR Compensation & Benefits

The purpose of this position is:

  • Provide expert advice of Strategic Reward Management to PTFI Management to ensure PTFI is attractive compared to Market and is able to retain its High Performing/High Potential Employees.
  • Plan and design PTFI corporate Compensation and Benefits strategy as well as education and communication programs to employees.
  • Oversee Compensation and Benefits matters for PTFI as well as Privatized Companies to ensure accuracy and timely execution with minimum negative impact.

The key duties and responsibilities of this position are:

  • Ensure that legislation, arbitration decisions, and collective labor agreement and assess industry trends to be considered on developing and implementing reward management.
  • Plan and design corporate cash and non-cash compensation and benefits as part of total reward management and to increase the quality of life for employees.
  • Plan, develop, and strategize employee education and communication programs on company reward management system as part employee awareness program through optimizing line management’s involvement on that programs.
  • Ensure that market salary survey provides accurate salary and benefits data and information including market participants design, type of salary information, consultants etc. as to get accurate external competitiveness position against market and to allow proper comparison between jobs, grades and overall company compensation and benefits.
  • Plan and develop a cost of living allowance survey and its monitoring system to be used for collective labor agreement salary adjustment recommendation as outlined in the collective labor agreement by engaging Union and other stakeholders to accept the system and participate into the program actively.
  • Prepare and design non-staff compensation and benefits analysis based on the inputs taken and or other data info collected from any sources as to support collective labor agreement negotiation meeting.
  • Review, plan/design, and implement competitive compensation and benefits program to attract and retain our high potential and performed employees.
  • Ensure that staff compensation and benefits annual adjustments are in time and accurately implemented based on Sr. Management’s direction and guideline.
  • Lead the C&B team in the development, delivery and evaluation of HRM services and programs and maintain productive and motivated staff by ensuring effective delegation, communication and teamwork such that all HRM services and programs are cost effective and highly responsive to customers’ needs.
  • Provide expert advice and direction to management of privatized company in handling labor issues related to reward management to prevent unfavorable condition which may affect the PTFI operation and to protect the interest of PTFI.
  • Cooperate with Expatriate Admin in performing and maintaining PTFI executive employees’ salary administration (grade 6), incl. Singapore and Cairns, to ensure that we provide competitive compensation package to attract and retain an experienced workforce.

The key challenges in this position include:

  • Ensuring PTFI is keeping attractive Reward Management and is able to retain its High Performing/High Potential Employees.
  • Ensuring education and communication strategy regarding C&B matters is effectively reaching all employees and helping them in understanding their C&B structures as well as the philosophy.

The background, education, and work experience needed to succeed in this job are:

  • Minimum Education & Experience
  • S1 Degree in Management or Human Resources (Preferably S2) with at least 12 years of experiences in
  • Corporate HR Compensation & Benefits.

Dateline: 20 July 2023

2. Sr Analyst, Compensation Planning & Analysis

The key duties and responsibilities of this position are:

  • Act as primary analyst and pivotal point for external company salary survey and conduct any necessary analysis and provide recommendation to PTFI Sr. Management through extensive coordination with external parties (consultant, Big 4, etc.).
  • Support annual salary and bonuses review and payments to ensure the timely processing of these and other payroll matters.
  • Study on company compensation practice and seek best practice on industry to keep maintaining company compensation program still align with company objective.
  • Prepare and calculate new salary of promoted employee and monitor the communication thru employee letter in ESS (Employee Self Service) web
  • Provide total cash information required by US/Nola payroll for planned secondment employee. Monitor the database of secondment employee, and inform the related parties in PTFI. Conduct the review on employee salary once back from secondment program
  • Prepare and calculate Completion Bonus payment for PTFI and partners to ensure the timely processing and on correct amount.
  • Prepare and calculate outstanding compensation for terminated/ resign employee to ensure the accurate amount provided
  • Review and calculate the PBA/ Smelter Monthly Incentive achievements and monitor the communication to employee thru Interoffice memo
  • Recommend improvement to PTFI’s compensation policies and procedures that will address adverse/inappropriate practice and trend and sol lead to more efficient and fair compensation practices.

The background, education, and work experience needed to succeed in this job are:

  • Minimum Education and Experience
  • S1 degree in Human Resources or Accounting with at least 5 years of experience in Compensation Management.

Dateline: 18 July 2023


Link Pendaftaran : https://ptfi.co.id/id/karir?kat=1

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